Women’s Lives & Relationships – Second Titles

The_AdmissionsTitle: The Admissions
Meg Mitchell Moore
Main Appeal Factors:
Frame (affluent upscale suburban family in mild crisis), pacing, well-developed characters
Genre: Women’s Lives & Relationships
Annotation/Thoughts: From the outside, the Hawthorne family seems to have it made, but long-held secrets threaten to burst out and destroy their comfortable, successful, California life. Readers pick up the story when oldest daughter Angela is in her senior year of high school with admission to Harvard University the goal she has been striving for since her father gave her a sweatshirt from his alma mater at age two. Pacing is pretty quick as events come one after the other and the entire stressed-out family of five starts to unravel. The author sets up strong emotional links not just to the main character Nora (wife and mother) but also Gabe (the husband and father) and their daughter Angela — whose points of view all alternate throughout the book.

Eight_Hundred_GrapesTitle: Eight Hundred Grapes
Laura Dave
Main Appeal Factors:
Likeable characters and information about vineyards
Genre: Women’s Lives & Relationships
Annotation/Thoughts: Georgia Ford is trying on her wedding gown when she sees her fiancé with another woman. Shocked and hurt Georgia takes off. Hoping to find comfort and answers Georgia arrives at her family home/business a winery. This book is about relationships. Georgia’s parents are also having relationship problems. Even her brothers aren’t getting along. This is a book about families and emotions. Georgia must make a decision about her love life and her career. Georgia’s mother gave up her career for her family. What will Georgia do?

The_Opposite_of_EveryoneTitle: The Opposite of Everyone
Joshilyn Jackson
Main Appeal Factors:
Dysfunctional family, love triumphs, Characters
Genre: Women’s Lives & Relationships
Annotation/Thoughts: Pace: starts slow, then goes faster. Character-driven: it’s all about the characters. Not really much plot. First person narrator.
Main character, Paula/Kali, keeps realizing she is mistaken in many of her assumptions. She is not really likable for much of the book because of the tough girl persona she adopted after she was bullied. When her mother won’t get her away from that school Kali turned her mother’s boyfriend into the police for growing pot (and as a result, her mother as well.)
Would appeal to Billie Letts and probably Tawni O’Dell fans.
Life as foster child might appeal to Language of Flowers people.

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