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Adventure Genre Meeting – December 7, 2017

cover imageThe Southeastern Mass. Reader’s Advisory Roundtable (SE-RART) will start its Action/Adventure genre study on Thursday, Dec. 7, 10 a.m.-12 p.m., at the Thayer Public Library, 798 Washington St., Braintree. (No snow date.)

To get the most out of the meeting, please read a novel by Clive Cussler – your choice of Treasure, Sahara, or Inca Gold – as the benchmark title, as well as another book from the Adventure genre. (See suggestions below.) Be ready to talk about them in terms of reader’s advisory appeal factors, as laid out by RA-guru Joyce Saricks:

  • Pacing (e.g. breakneck, unhurried, densely written)
  • Characterization (e.g. quirky, well developed, ensemble cast)
  • Plot/Storyline (e.g. action-oriented, sensual, domestic, sexually explicit)
  • Tone/Mood (e.g. gritty, heartwarming, political)
  • Style/Language (e.g. sophisticated, homespun, frank)
  • Frame/Setting (e.g. urban, rural, world-building, time-frame)

NOTE: If you don’t finish your two novels in time for the meeting, it’s OK just to follow the “Read a Book in Ten Minutes” guidelines in order to be prepared enough to talk about the books in RA terms. Short, additional readings for discussion at the December meeting will be emailed to registered participants. Please register on the MLS Web site!

If you’re looking for ideas for your second title, we have put together a list of possibilities for general adventure authors, trying to avoid our upcoming subgenres of Historical Adventure, Espionage/Political Thriller, and Military Adventure.


Will Adams
Ted Bell
Peter Benchley
Steve Berry
Dan Brown
Tom Clancy
Jack Du Brul
Clive Egleston
Patrick Lee
John J. Nance
David Poyer
James Rollins


Alive by Piers Paul Read
Endurance by Alfred Lansing
Into the Wild or Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger
Shadow Divers by Robert Kurzon
River of Doubt by Candice Millard

If you want to post information about your second title before the meeting, you can!


YEAR 4: SE-RART 2017-2018 Season

Introduction to Reader’s Advisory and Genre Study

Our first meeting of the 2017-18 Southeastern Mass. Reader’s Advisory Roundtable will be an Introduction to Reader’s Advisory and Genre Study, at the Jonathan Bourne Public Library in Bourne on Wednesday, October 18, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. There will be no benchmark title or second title reading requirement, but some readings will be emailed to registered participants that will be helpful to have read prior to the meeting.

This opening overview will be a chance for continuing members of the group to revisit reader’s advisory techniques and for anyone who has been on the fence about jumping in to do a genre study to see what it’s all about!

Please register for the October 18th program — An Introduction to Reader’s Advisory and Genre Study — on the MLS Workshop Calendar. Please register as early as possible in order to receive the readings in advance.

After the October meeting, the SE-RART will start a study of the Action/Adventure genre. The 2017-18 is as follows. The genre study group is always open to new members. Come for any or all that you can!

SE-RART 2017-18 Meeting Schedule

Wed., October 18, 10-12 Introduction to RA and Genre Study
Jonathan Bourne Public Library, 19 Sandwich Rd., Bourne

Thurs., December 7, 10-12
Adventure Genre Overview
Benchmark: Clive Cussler novel, your choice
(Suggestions from Joyce Saricks: Inca Gold, Sahara, or Treasure)

Wed., February 7, 2018, 10-12 / no snow date
Historical Adventure
Benchmark: Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom

Tues., April 3, 10-12 Espionage/Political Thriller
Benchmark: David Baldacci, Camel Club

Thurs., June 14, 10-12 Military Adventure
Benchmark: Matthew Reilly, Ice Station

The genre study group open to the Southeastern Massachusetts library community will be co-facilitated again this year by Laurie Cavanaugh (Thayer Public Library, Braintree) and Maggie Holmes (Richards Memorial Library, North Attleborough). We are in need of host locations for December, February, April, and June.