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Military / Nonfiction Adventure – June 14

Ice StationThe Southeastern Mass. Reader’s Advisory Roundtable (SE-RART) meets Thursday, June 14, 10 am-12 pm, at the Queset House, Ames Free Library, 51 Main St, North Easton, to finish out our 2017-18 Action/Adventure genre study with a discussion of Military Adventure and Nonfiction Adventure.

For the June meeting, the benchmark title is Ice Station, a novel by Matthew Reilly – first in the Shane Schofield series. Please choose another title from either the Military Adventure or Nonfiction Adventure subgenre as your second title. (See suggestions of authors below.)

As always, please don’t stay away from the meeting if you can’t finish two novels in time; if you need to, you can follow the “Read a Book in Ten Minutes” guidelines!

Short, additional readings for discussion at the June meeting will be emailed to registered participants. Please register for the June meeting on the MLS Web site , and let us know if you don’t receive the email with the supplemental readings by June 1st.

Even if you don’t get to read your two books completely, please be prepared to talk briefly about each of them in terms of reader’s advisory appeal factors, as laid out by RA-guru Joyce Saricks:

  • Pacing (e.g. breakneck, unhurried, densely written)
  • Characterization (e.g. quirky, well developed, ensemble cast)
  • Plot/Storyline (e.g. action-oriented, sensual, domestic, sexually explicit)
  • Tone/Mood (e.g. gritty, heartwarming, political)
  • Style/Language (e.g. sophisticated, homespun, frank)
  • Frame/Setting (e.g. urban, rural, world-building, time-frame)

If you’re looking for ideas for your second title, we have put together lists of possible authors.


Ted Bell
Dale Brown
Tom Clancy
W.E.B. Griffin
Joshua Hood
Richard Marcinko
Scott McEwen
David Poyer
Douglas Reeman
David L. Robbins
Patrick Robinson
Leonard B. Scott

(Stay with the military theme or not, your choice!)

Delta Force: the Army’s Elite Counterterrorist Unit by Charlie Beckwith
Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden
Adrift: Lost at Sea by Stephen Callahan
Cutthroats by Robert Dick
Kill Bin Laden by Dalton Fury
A Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger
Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
Sinai Surgeon by Robert Letts
No Hero by Mark Owen
Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides
Touching the Void by Joe Simpson
I am a Seal Team Six Warrior by Howard Wasdin

If you want to post information about your second title before the meeting, you can!