Fantasy Genre Second Title Suggestions

Grace of KingsThe benchmark title for the June 7th meeting of the Southeastern Mass. Reader’s Advisory Roundtable on the Fantasy genre is a really long one: The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu. Maybe you can find a short book, or even a novella, for your second title!

If you do not finish The Grace of Kings in time for the meeting, that’s OK! Please do try to read enough to get a sense of its appeal factors for fantasy readers.

Here are some places to look for ideas for your second title selection, although keep in mind that not every title in these lists will fit the criteria of 1.) being fantasy and 2.) being written by a person of color or by an author who is reflective of diversity in another way:

Strand Bookstore: Genre Fiction by Authors of Color

Library Journal: Imagined Multiverses: Genre Spotlight S/F and Fantasy

Bustle: 15 Magical Fantasy Books to Read ASAP

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 7th, 10am-12pm. at the SAILS Library Network offices at 10 Riverside Dr., Suite 102, in Lakeville.

Please register for the June 7th meeting through the MLS Workshop Calendar in order to receive the supplemental readings in advance. We will be sending the readings out next week.



Feel free to share your thoughts!

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