Meeting Changed to Thursday Snow Date


Due to the weather, we are rescheduling the meeting of the Southeastern Mass. Reader’s Advisory Roundtable (SE-RART) from tomorrow afternoon, to the snow date of THURSDAY MORNING, Feb. 16, 10am-12pm, at the Brockton Public Library, 304 Main St., Brockton.

If this change of date and time means you can attend, after all, when you hadn’t been planning to, please register for the meeting here:’s_Advisory_Roundtable_%5BBrockton%5D

Otherwise, if you were already registered for the meeting, you don’t need to re-register, and we hope you will be able to come to talk about Diversity in Romance on Thursday, Feb. 16, 10am-12pm. There is a parking lot beside the library on White Avenue, and metered parking on Main Street at the front of the building. The parking lot across from the White Avenue entrance is for staff only.

If you cannot make the rescheduled meeting, please submit your second title write-up here, so we can post it!



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